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Imam Reza (A.S.) Poem

imam reza (a.s.)

O’ the eighth petal of Zahra’s rose!

O’ the eighth door of the Prophet’s House!


Through it is we to God come close.

Through you we avail God’s pardon,


In your love is pawned heaven

Prophet Joseph it is said was exceedingly handsome,

Because of your love he had attained a little sum.


Jesus the dead ones brought to life.

No wonder, your love injects life.


Mamoun was dead in his lifetime,

Wasn’t alive to the littleness of the play put to game.


Your rule extends from planet to heaven,

Triple stand to you the continents seven.


Let Mamoun adjust within this expanse,

He failed and shend(1) himself -- at what an expense!

His fate fated him to hell,

Your glory - the glitter of gold alone can tell.


Yes, it is true he poisoned you;

Curse, bitter than prison is his due.


You stand security even to animals,

There are tales, escaped the butcher, the camels.


There is not one in history your peer,

You stood security to a deer.


Whoever visits you, to him you visit;

Am I wrong? To death I list. (2)


By poison you convulsed with your robe,

It was the earth convulsed and coiled into a globe.


While animals acknowledge you,

How unfortunate a man to not know his due.


Where you are buried the Prophet said is heaven,

We fortunate enough to be in a land of heaven.

imam reza(as)


1-Shend (p.&.p.p) to put oneself to disgrace.

2- List: (N.alsoverb) to like, to lean to.


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