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Demystifying Islam: Your Guide to the Most Misunderstood Religion of the 21st Century

demystifying islam

ISBN: 0979119014

Author: Shehata, Ali (Author), El Khiyari, Heather (Author), Mair, Julie S (Editor)  

Publisher: Elysium River Press (April 2007)

Pages: 300 Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher:

Islam has recently become one of the hottest, yet most misunderstood, news items throughout the Western world. Numerous books have been written analyzing and commenting on this religion of 1.5 billion adherents, yet few books have tackled presenting this religion"s principles and beliefs to the general public. This book is one of those few, and in fact a formidable one at that. Brimming with references and up-to-date statistics, Demystifying Islam allows the reader to quickly and intelligently become familiar with the precepts upon which Islam stands and to decide for themselves whether what is presented nightly is representative or biased. A must read for anyone who wants to better understand the growing role of Islam and Muslims not only in the global politics of this world, but also in the fabric of so many western societies.


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