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An Autobiography of an Oxygen Molecule

An Autobiography of an Oxygen Molecule

Hello readers! Do you know who I am?

 I am an Oxygen molecule. I live everywhere and I know each one of you. I was born in a laboratory when a scientist called Lavoiser after many experiments detected my presence in the air. I am a product of one of those experiments. Although I am centuries old I am still an able molecule. I have many other friends besides other oxygen molecules such as nitrogen, carbon-dioxide, helium and many others.

 I am a very mischievous fellow..., whenever I see fire, I try to spread it but my rivals (nitrogen and carbon-dioxide) prevent me from doing so.

 Whenever anybody respires deeply, I almost get pulled in..., but I push some other molecule in my place and somehow escape the terrible torture of being imprisoned in the lungs of living creatures.

 When I am badly in need of a bath, I simply dissolve myself in some water and enjoy the cool refreshing bath. 

 Although I am a selfish and mischievous fellow, I am proud of myself for there cannot be any living creature on earth without my presence. I cannot bear the sight of anybody being ill. I am used for the treatment of pneumonia and asthma. I am also used when my bitter enemies (i.e. lungs) don't work properly, which proves that I like my enemies too. I am also used when naughty carbon-monoxide poisons somebody.

 So there ends my story... and I hope you have found me interesting. It hurts my ego if you haven't found me interesting! Don't forget to call me if you want me to start a fire or if you aren't feeling well.

An Autobiography of an Oxygen Molecule

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