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Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Zanjan
Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Zanjan

Imamzadeh Ebrahim (Soltanieh), Abhar 


 This tomb is located in Sajas approximately 30 km. west of Soltanieh. The dome of this structure is unique in itself and the artistic finishes to it can be related to the Saljuqi era. In this mausoleum is a carved, wooden chest (which usually rests on the tomb) which has been repaired. But the original one can be traced back to approx. the 6th century AH. A great part of the chest which now exists can be related to the 12th century AH., an inscription in this respect reveals the date 1143 AH.


Imamzadeh Esmaeil, Abhar 


 This Imamzadeh is located between the towns of Abhar and Takestan, he is said to be a descendent of Hazrat Ali Ben Abitaleb (AS). The facade of the Imamzadeh is octagonal, but internally it is square in shape and generally made of brick. It comprises of intricate architectural techniques and fine mirror work. The dome is finished in tile work and right around the mausoleum verses from the Holy Qoran can be noted. Architectural evidence show that this structure was built in the 9th century AH. and the artistic works probably date back to the late Safavid era.


Imamzadeh Seyed Ebrahim Mausoleum, Zanjan 


 The above mentioned, is the mausoleum of Ebrahim Bin Moosa Bin Jaffar or Ebrahim Bin Mohammad Ben Abdollah Ben Alhasan Ben Alabas Ben Ali. The structure was renovated and repaired in the year 1971. The dome of which is vaulted or arched internally and displays the 'Sureh-ye-Jomeh' from the Holy Qoran written in the 'tholth' script. Intricate molding increases its beauty. On the exterior part of the Imamzadeh another verse from the Holy Qoran can be noted, as well as on top of the minarets, written in 'tholth' script. A big mosque stands to the west of this vicinity which has also been repaired.


Imamzadeh Yahya, Zanjan 


 This tomb is located in Sa'in Qaleh of Zanjan. It is said that this tomb belongs to one of the grand sons of Imam Kazem (AS). This mausoleum has 12 sides. In the centre of the mausoleum is an intricately carved wooden chest. Many fine inscriptions can be noted in this mausoleum. On the chest is an engraving with the date 797 AH. including verses from the Holy Qoran and other works of oriental art.


Imamzadeh Zeidolkabir Mausoleum, Abhar 

 This is located in Ostad Motahari Avenue of Abhar. The tower and dome of which is pointed (or somewhat conical), it is constructed out of brick and is spherical in shape. This structure was repaired in the year 850 AH. It is said that this personality is the descendent of the second Imam of the Shiite sect. In the year 1365 AH. a place for religious rituals (Hosseinieh) has been built to the north of the mausoleum.


Other Imamzadehs, Zanjan 


 Other mausoleums of Zanjan province worth mentioning are: Imamzadeh Mohammad, Imamzadeh Ebrahim, Imamzadeh Yahya, mausoleum of Peer Sakineh Khatoon and the Gol mausoleum of Abhar

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