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Religious Monuments,Yazd
Religious Monuments

Sadat Qol Howallah Mausoleum, Yazd 

 This building is situated opposite the western entrance of Jame' Mosque in Yazd. There is a marble tomb stone with the dimensions of 182 x 48 x 28 cm. and a black gravestone with the dimensions of 152 x 48 x 28 cm. on which the date of 10th century AH. is visible. There is a brick inscription above the threshold which is considered a new and recent piece of work.

Seti Fatimeh Mausoleum, Yazd 


 This structure is located at the north of Mir Chakhmaq Square. It is a one-room building with a nightcap-like dome which is covered by green tiles. It belongs to Seti Fatimeh Khatoon the spouse of the famous Amir Chakhmaq who passed away in the 9th century. 


Shah Khalil Mausoleum, Taft 


 Shah Khalil Allah Sani, son of Mir Shah Taqi Uddin and the great grandchild of Shah Nematollah Vali was killed in Harat and his corpse was transferred to Taft and was buried there. This edifice was a section of a wide and expanded complex built by Shah Nematollah Vali known as a Khaneqah or a kind of monastery used by the Dervish, Shah Khalil's tombstone with the dimensions of 29 x 100 centimeters and to the height of 23 centimeters has inscriptions in the Tholth and Naskh scripts.

Shah Seyed Reza Mausoleum, Yazd 

 This shrine with a tall dome is situated near the Chahar Menar Quarter. Each side of the dome is 9.25 meters and thickness of the walls is 2.35 meters. Probably the reason to call this place as Shah Seyed Reza, is the existence of a tombstone of a person named Shah Seyed Reza who died in 955 AH. The construction of this building dates back to the 8th century AH. and therefore has nothing to do with Shah Seyed Reza. 

Sheikh Ahmad Fahadan Mausoleum, Yazd 


 This structure is the remnant of a monastery, mosque and mausoleum which is reputedly known as Sheikh Ahmad Esfanjerdy and belonged to Sheikh Ahmad Fahadan. Sheikh Fakhrodin Ahmad and his brother, Mohammad, were from Esfanjerd and were doing Shumali. They migrated from their birth place and settled in the Fahadan locality in Yazd. These two Gnostics were greatly respected by the people.

Sheikh Davood Mausoleum, Yazd 

 The same is located in the village of Nasr Abad of Yazd. On Sheikh's tomb, there is a stone with dimensions of 45 x 83 centimeters adorned with an inscription in Naskh script in which have designated the name of "Davood Ebne Sheikh Ebrahim Ebne Mohammad Ebne Ahmad Almoallem Alhaftadi". Sheikh Davood passed away in 815 AH. According to some historical books, Sheikh Davood was one of the disciples of Sheikh Ali Beniman.

Sheikh Zeinol Abedin Ali Khamoosh Mausoleum, Yazd 

 This mausoleum is located in the village of Nadooshan. 35 kilometers from Yazd. Sheikh Ali was one of the 6th century Gnostics and mystics (Sufis) who was martyred and his tomb became a pilgrimage site and a place for alms and charity. A slab of stone with the dimensions of 20 x 25 centimeters on which poems and verses in the Nasta'liq script have been engraved, along with the latticed wooden box on the tomb, some endowed (book racks), an exquisite handwritten Qoran in Naskh script dating back to the 7th century AH, old fashioned lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the structure and… are among the interesting and noticeable relics of this mausoleum.

Other Mausoleums and  Imamzadehs, Yazd 

 Other sacred shrines and tombs in the province are: Imamzadeh Seyed Mohammad, 3 kilometers from Aqda. Imamzadeh Zeid Ebne Musa Alkazem, Imamzadeh Seyed Mir Hussein, Imam Zadeh Shah Zadeh Fazel. The Zarandian, Seyed Panhoun and Sheikh Dad in Yazd. Seyed Khalil Mausoleum in the Darvaze Mosalla Atiq locality, Imamzadeh Abdullah Ebne Musa Ebne Jafar (P.B.U.H. [peace be upon him]) in Bafq, Pire Cheraq Tomb in Maybod and the resting abode the Martyrs of Fahraj.

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