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The city of Yazd is located to the north of Ardestan, to the south of Taft in the east of Bafq and to the west of Esfahan province. Yazd is the center of the province and is located 689 kilometer from Tehran. It is located in an extensive valley facing the desert. Consequently, its weather is hot and arid in summer and cold in winter, which are some specifications of the weather of this territory. In the 5th century AH.coinciding with the settlement of the sons of Abu-Jafar Kakoo in Yazd, the development of this city began, and the walls of Yazd were constructed. The Atabakans, took an interest in development of the city of Yazd constructed many schools and mosques.


The Old Texture of Yazd

                                The Old Texture of Yazd

During the Al-Mozaffar era many villages and underground canals were constructed. During the Mongol invasion many scholars and artists of the 7th and 8th century settled in this city for more protection. They chose this city as a center for their scientific and artistic activities. At that time many mosques and schools were built. 

Several monasteries (praying sites of the Sufis) in the city reveals that this region was considered to be a shelter for Sufis and Gnostics. Some of the monasteries like those of Sheikh Ali Soleiman in Bidakhid, the monastery and mosque of Sheikh Dada in Bonder Abad and the monastery of Sheikh Ahmad Fahadan in Yazd are still present today. Furthermore, the city of Yazd has various historical sites in charming deserted areas worth visiting. Caravansaries, Islamic architecture including the Jamea Mosque and many other works and art forms go back over 1000 years. Yazd’s wind-towers, which act as natural cooling systems for homes and public structures, remain a marvel of world architectural design and innovation. In addition, the city sat on the path of the ancient Silk Road and was the lodging and visiting spot for many travelers and merchants. Marco Polo in his travelogues titles the city: “the noble city of Yazd

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