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Monajate Sha`banie


A  Prayer  for the Month of Sha`ban

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

This supplication from Imam Ali (a.s.) was often recited by him and other members of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) especially in the month of Sha`ban.

  1:    Almighty God!  May Your blessings be upon Mohammad and the Family of Mohammad!

 2:     Hear my prayers when I call on You.  Listen to my voice when I invoke You and heed me when I praise and worship You.

 3:    Indeed I flee to You and in my helplessness and state of weeping, I humbly stand before You.

 4:    My hope lies in the rewards that You have stored up for me.

 5:    You know what is in my heart and soul.

 6:    You are aware of all my wants and needs

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 7:    You have knowledge of my secrets.

 8:    The account of my deeds that will determine the return to my final and eternal abode are not concealed from You…

 9:    Nor is that which I wish to express…

10:    Nor is that which I wish to request…

11:    Nor all that I hope for at my appointed end.

12:    Truly, whatever You have predestined for me, Oh Lord, whatever is to come until the end of my life, is already manifesting in my spiritual and physical being.

13:    Blessings of abundance, absence of abundance, profit, loss…all are in Your hand alone.

14:    Almighty God!  If You were to reject me, who would sustain me?

15:    And if You were to humble me, who would befriend me?

16:    Oh my God!  I seek refuge in You from Your wrath and anger.

18:    Though I am not worthy of Your compassion, You are clement in granting me pardon through Your abundant grace.

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19:    Oh my Lord!  I humbly stand before You in the essence of my existence.  My absolute faith in You envelops my entire being.

20:    That which is deemed worthy of Your greatness and magnanimity, You have bestowed on me.

21:    You have covered me and my shortcomings with Your mercy.

22:    My God!  If You show forbearance, who is more capable of showing it than You?

23:     When my death is near, and my deeds have not brought me close to You, the sole means of drawing near to You is by confessing my transgressions.

24:    Oh my Lord!  I scrutinize my life and see that I have done much wrong.  Woe unto me if You do not absolve me from my sins!

25:    Oh God!  Your goodness accompanied me all the days of my life on this earth.  So do not deny me the same when I am facing my death.

26:    My God!  How should I lose hope in Your sustenance in my death when all my days You were only the Compassionate?

27:    Take account of my deeds in a way that is worthy of Your greatness.

28:    Then return to me, a completely ignorant transgressor, with grace and magnanimity.

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29:    Oh my Lord!  You have hidden the sins I have committed in this world.  Still, I will need You to hide them from view even more in the Afterlife.

30:    To not one of Your faithful followers did You expose my worldly sins.  So do not disgrace me in the eyes of the people on Resurrection Day.

31:    Oh God!  Your generosity has increased my hopefulness.  Your mercy is greater than my misdeeds.

32:    Oh Lord!  On the day You make judgment on Your servants, let me find joy in Your Divine Presence.

33:    Oh my God!  The remorse I feel in Your Divine Presence is the penitence of one in dire need of Your forgiveness.  Therefore accept my apology, oh Almighty One from whom evildoers seek pardon!

34:    Dear Lord!  Do not refrain from answering my prayers and do not make my excessive anticipation for Your absolution result in vain.  Do not disassociate my hopes and desires from Your Oneness.

35:    My Lord!  If You had wished for my debasement, You would not have provided Your guidance.  If You had desired to dishonor me You would not have blessed me with well-being.

36:    Oh God!  I cannot believe that You would not answer my prayers when being in Your Divine Presence has been my lifetime pursuit!

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37:    My God!  I am thankful to You!  I express my eternal and everlasting gratitude to You.  It is a perpetual and infinite gratefulness that will continually increase and never end.  This is exactly what is acceptable and pleasing to You.

38:    Dear God!  If You hold me accountable for my misdeeds, I in turn will ask You to pardon me.  When You take account of my sins, I will look for nothing other than Your absolution.  If You destine me to Hell, I will inform those there that I adore only You.

39:    My Lord!    If my deeds are considered less than my worship, know that it is my overwhelming faith in You that inspires me to have many desires.

40:    Oh Lord!  How can I turn away from Your Divine Presence hopeless and bereaved when my unconditional belief in Your mercy gave me assurance of salvation and forgiveness?

41:    My God! I ruined my life through great heedlessness of You and lost my youth in drunken stupors that kept me far away from You!

42:   Oh God!  My days of vanity made me unaware of You and I heeded not Your anger.

43:  My Lord!  I am Your servant and the offspring of Your servant.  I stand humbly in front of You approaching You to beseech You of Your mercy. 

44:    My God!    I am a servant whose every deed You have witnessed and though I lack the modesty to show You more respect, still You protect me! Therefore I expect You to loathe me, yet I implore Your forgiveness as mercy is one of Your divine qualities.

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45:    Oh God!  I have no strength or power with which I can free myself from committing wrongdoings.  But You can awaken me with Your kindness and love so I that I become that which You desire me to be.

46:    I praise you for permitting me to enter into Your exalted Divine Presence.   And I praise You for purifying my heart so as to prevent separation from You, my Lord.

47:    Dear Lord!  Be attentive to me.  Attentive to one whom You have called and who has responded and complied.  And for whom with Your own assistance, You have written experiences that guided me to obey You.  I will call on You, Oh Near One, who is not distant from those who are captivated by the world!  And I place my hope in You, the Generous One who does not shatter hopes of those who are expectant of Your reward!

48:    Oh dear God!  Grant me a heart whose zeal and eagerness will bring me close to You and a tongue whose uprightness will carry me towards You.  Lord, grant me perception and discernment of the Truth that will bring me near to You.

49:    My God!  One who by the grace of the Almighty has secured recognition is not unknown and he who has sought refuge in You is not inferior.  He whom You have looked upon has no other master.

50:    My Lord!  One who endeavors to find the means of attaining nearness to You, his path is clearly evident. And the one who takes refuge in You is secure in Your protection.  Oh my dear Lord, I have sought refuge in You, so let not my faith in Your mercy be in vain, and do not deprive me of Your kindness.

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51:    Place me among those upon whom You have bestowed Your friendship and who are eternally yearning for Your ever-increasing love. Stimulate incessantly my captivation for remembering You through the mention and repetition of Your names. Let my efforts result in the rewarding success of discovering the meaning of Your names and understanding the greatness of Your holiness.

52:    I beg You by the Truth of Your Eternal Being!  Raise me to obedience and make me worthy of Your pleasure.  I have no power to defend myself against wickedness nor do I know how to conduct myself to my own benefit.

53:    Oh God!  I am Your weak and transgressing servant, a penitent overflowing with remorse in Your Divine Presence.  Do not relegate me to be one of those from whom You have turned away Your countenance. And do not allow me to be among  those to whom You have denied forgiveness because of their heedlessness.

54:    Oh Lord!  Grant me absolute separation from every living thing…(that is, let me die a spiritual death to attain complete union with You).  Open the Eye of our Hearts to witness only You.  Permit the Eye of the Heart, with the veils of light being torn, attain the Source of Majesty so that our souls may be suspended in the magnificence of Your holiness.

55:    My God!  Place me with those to whom You have given voice, and who responded to You. Then in turn, You responded to them.  In the Divine Presence of Your greatness they fell unconscious and You revealed hidden secrets to them.  Outwardly they performed acts and deeds of righteousness for You.

56:    My Lord!  Do not allow me to let hopelessness and despair be greater than my optimism.  Do not crush the hope created in me by the beauty of Your generosity.

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57:    Oh my Lord!  Though my mistakes caused me to fall into Your disfavor, overlook and pardon them for I have such great faith in You.

58:    Oh God!  Though my transgressions have made me undeserving of Your forgiveness, still my confidence in Your magnanimity and mercy has helped me to know and understand.

59:    Oh Lord!  Though in my state of unenlightenment I failed to prepare myself for the journey to be near You, still the appreciation I have for Your many bountiful blessings has increased my awareness.

 60:    My God!  Though the severity of Your punishment has summoned me towards the Fire, still, Your mercy, being greater, has invited me to Heaven.

 61:    My Lord!    I make a humble and earnest petition and I come in Your Divine Presence to express my desires.  I ask You to shower Your blessings upon Mohammad and the Family of Mohammad.  I implore You to place me among those who remember You, mention and repeat Your names and do not

break their covenant with You.  Let me be of those who are not neglectful of showing You their gratitude, and who do not think lightly of Your commands.

 62:    Oh my Lord!  Deliver me to the exquisite Light of Your glory so that I will gain knowledge of Your Divine Being, and not turn to any other than You.  In this way I will never be fearful or bewaring of other than You.

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63:    Oh Possessor of greatness and magnanimity!  Praise be to God!  May God`s abundant blessings be on Mohammad His Messenger and on his immaculate Family.


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