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Hazrat Muhammad (saw) and Tying the Camel


The caravan had been traveling for few hours now. Signs of fatigue were obvious on their faces. They arrived at a point and stopped. Hazrat Muhammad (saw) who was also in the caravan, stopped the camel, and landed. Prior to anything, they were in search of water to prepare for prayer.

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) also started searching for water. But soon, returned to his camel, without saying anything to anyone. The companions were surprised that Hazrat Muhammad (saw) had ordered stopping here, and now perhaps he would like to move again? Eyes and ears were awaiting his order. But the surprise of the group increased as they saw him approach his camel, and tied its knees, and returned back in search of water.

Noises were raised from every corner: 'O Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (saw) why didn't you order us to do this for you, and instead you put yourself in discomfort? We would have proudly done that service for you.'

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) responded:'Never seek others' help in your affairs, don't lean on others, even if it is a small piece of Miswak (the wood used for brushing teeth).'

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muhammad umair
just see how hazrat muhammad saw has taught this ummat. we love pyare aaqa saw.
Response from Tebyan :
Sunday, November 4, 2007
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