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  • 6/19/2007

where is allah


Author: Abdul-Rahman As-Sungiri

Category: Islamic

Description of The Book:

This book is the answer to a question raised by a skeptical youth who delved into the ocean of some books in his summer holiday and his Aqeeda was affected. His mind, in turn, became blurred and he was unable to differentiate between right and wrong or between truth and falsehood. Thereupon he asked me "where is God and who created "Him"?" The answer came from the pulpit ofthe mosque of Shabkhun (Musil-Iraq) through delivering four sermons (Khutba) which received the approbation of the majority of those who listened to them. Some of them have suggested that they should be compiled and printed in the form of a message to introduce it to those who did not have the opportunity to hear them. With the help of Allah, this have been done. The first edition was printed in Musil. The second in Baghdad, the third in Lahore. It was translatedinto Kurdish, and will be translated into Urdu, Bulgarian and other languages.This fourth edition is revised and includes some additions. I hope that Allah allows it to be of benefit for all people and make it purely for His sake,He is Ever-Hearing, Ever-Answerer.



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