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photo gallery of Tehran Museums(2)

Kudoro Babylonian Border Stone in Sar-e-Pol-e-Zahab
Kamalol Molk Painting2
Kamalol Molk Painting1
Kamalol Molk Painting
Iran National (Bastan) Museum2
Iran National (Bastan) Museum1
Iran National (Bastan) Museum
Iran Carpet Museum3
Iran Carpet Museum2
Iran Carpet Museum1
Iran Carpet Museum
Inscription of Law
Haris Carpet (End of 12th AH)
Grey Ceramic, Ray (2nd Mill BC)
Green Palace Museum
Gray Marble Seal with Ayat Al-Korsi and Zodiac Figures (8-9th C.AH14-15th C.AD)
Golden Hassanloo Goblet (2nd Mill B.C.)
Golden Goblet of Marlik, Roodbar
Golden Goblet Decorated With 2 Lions
Gold Plated Plate with Miniature Painting Designs, Kashan (7th AH), Abgineh Museum
Gold Plated Cobalt-Blue Tile found in Takht-e-Soleiman (670-674 AH),Islamic Treasury
Gold Plated Chandelier, Gorgan (6-7th AH), Abgineh Museum
Gold Marlik Goblet (Late 2nd Mill B.C.)
Gold Inlaid Steel Peacock (19th C.AH), Esfahan
Glazed Clay Vessel of Shoush
Glass Soraie (A Musical Instrument), Gorgan (5th C.AH)
Glass Pitcher, Khorassan(4-5th AH), Abgineh Museum
Glass Pitcher, Islamic Treasury
Glass Pitcher with Appended Decoration of Early Islamic Period
Glass Mosque Lamp with Applied Decoration, Gorgan (4th AH), Abgineh Museum
Glass Mosque Lamp with Applied Decoration (11th C.AD)
Fine Arts Palace and Museum3
Fine Arts Palace and Museum2
Fine Arts Palace and Museum1
Fine Arts Palace and Museum

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photo gallery of Tehran Museums (1)


Along Irans Khalkhal-Asalem road

Along Irans Khalkhal-Asalem road

Along Irans Khalkhal-Asalem road
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