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  • 6/3/2007

Imam Khomeini Thwarted Divisive Plot of the Global Arrogance

Imam Khomeini

An Englishwoman visiting the Jamaran Husayniyyah (Imam Khomeini’s residence in the north of Tehran) said that through his movement, Imam Khomeini (RA) thwarted the sinister plot of discord and dissension in the Islamic world, and vigorously fought against it.

Shabnam Rubab said, “Relying on the people’s unflinching will and unwavering fervor, Imam Khomeini formidably stood vis-à-vis the cruelty and ruthlessness of his time, and fought against the great arrogant powers such as the United States and Zionism.

Referring to the fact that the Iranian people should be proud of their late Leader, she stressed, “The majority of the people in the different countries of the world wish to have such a leader because he revived the unity and brotherhood among the world Muslims.”

Impressed by the Imam’s simple and modest way of life, Rubab added, “Anyone visiting the place where he lived and where he led and guided the Islamic world, will find out that he was not concerned with anything but Islam and the global Muslims’ dignity and wellbeing.  


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