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Do you like it when people are mad at you for doing something?

Don’t you wish they just forgot about it? Well that’s what Islam says to do – pardon those who do wrong.

The Prophet Mohammed was commanded by Allah to have the following qualities:

Unite with whoever breaks with you, and pardon whoever wrongs you; give to whoever is bad to you…” If someone does something wrong to you, you should pardon them. If you do, you are fulfilling one of the verses in the Holy Quran: “They should pardon and turn away. Do you not love that Allah should forgive you?And Allah is forgiving, merciful.” (24:22)

If you can’t pardon someone, how can you expect Allah to forgive your sins? Don’t just think you are higher than that person is and not pardon his/her wrong."mso-spacerun: Instead, show yourself as a better example by pardoning that person so that he/she can see that you are truly a better person. If the person truly feels the guilt for doing wrong, then your pardon would effect their future behavior.

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