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  • 5/1/2008

Iranian documentaries to counter Fitna

Greet wilders

Two Iranian filmmaking groups are producing documentaries to counter the anti-Islamic video Fitna made by Dutch legislator Geert Wilders.

The films-- titled “Reply to Fitna” and “Beyond Fitna”-- aim at painting a real picture of Islam.

“By producing the Machiavellian film, Wilders has launched a campaign to achieve his political goals,” Amin Sobhi, the producer of the “Reply to Fitna” said.

The Iranian filmmakers have also voiced their readiness to engage in a debate with the Dutch lawmaker over his controversial film.

Earlier, Wilders had claimed that his attempts to engage in a debate with Muslims have failed.

Sobhi said that the documentary will be ready in the near future.

“We are also to hold an international conference under 'Reply to Fitna' in a third country to make the West more familiar with the true face of Islam," he noted.

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