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Iranian women"s activities in Mosques


All the religions in the world have allocated places for worshipping Allah. In this way, man would be able to have an unspoken communication for his/her needs with Allah free from all worldly attachments. In the manifested religion of Islam, this space of worship, which is called a mosque, enjoys some types of specific characteristics. A mosque is a holy place besides being a place for social, political and cultural activities. Muslims in the mosques, besides worshipping Allah, make an effort to solve Muslims" social problems together with the improvement of their societies. Thus they reinforce their capabilities and mobilize themselves to defend Muslims" territories.

Mosques & Moral Defense

Women, during the 8-year of the moral defense in the Iraqi imposed war against Iran, had been acquainted with military techniques. They were organized within the various mobilized forces in the mosques all over the country. During the war, women provided back-up at the war fronts such as in field hospitals, various reinforcement troop centers and in mosques where they prepared clothes and necessary equipment for the fighters. Thus, they helped their fighting brothers and contributed a great deal in defending their Islamic country.

Mosques - Centers for Educational Activities

A mosque is both a place of worship and a center for unlimited educational activities. Various educational courses are provided such as teaching of the Qur"an, ideological principles, religious commandments, interpretation, ethics, philosophy, literature, etc., as well as establishing discussions and research sessions which are the true basis for the great emphasis of education in the mosques.

Women have tried their utmost to establish and run these educational classes and to this end, they themselves as both professors and students have done a great deal in providing talent. They have been active through teaching, guiding, studying, research, utilizing the mosque libraries and audio-visual teaching materials. In order to be able to elevate women"s awareness and further growth in society, they have tried to implement latest scientific theories in order to improve technologically and ideologically.

Mosques, Centers for Social Services

Women in mosques, try to help the poor and needy, to call on the old and frail, visit the sick, handicapped and those in sanatoriums. They have played an effective role in preparing girls for marriage and financially enabling girls and young men to get married. They try to eradicate poverty and ignorance through the above-mentioned charitable acts and thus provide the necessary conditions for furthering human kindness and chastity in society. They also provide donations for the poor.

Besides, women assisting the needy and orphans, participate in campaign against illiteracy. To this end, they hold literacy classes in the mosques in order to eradicate illiteracy in Islamic society.


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