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Protected Zones, Bushehr

Scanty vegetations along with generally dry and hot weather conditions have created an environment in which only the adaptive animals to this diverse conditions may survive. Some examples of these animals are wild sheep, wild goat and rams in addition to water species and waterfowl.


Halleh Wetland Protected Zone, Dashtestan

picture of the Halleh Wetland Protected Zone (Dashtestan)

Halleh Wetland Protected Zone (Dashtestan)

This area is between the two rivers of Dalky and Shapour. This area is the habitat of different species of waterfowls.


Kooh Siyah Hunting Zone, Dashtestan 

picture of Kooh Siyah Hunting Zone (Dashtestan)

Kooh Siyah Hunting Zone (Dashtestan)

This vicinity is 83 km. south east of Burazjan located at 1,691 m. above sea-level and forms the "winter residing quarters" of the tribes in this area. About 7,000 herds of wild sheep and wild goat exist here. Hunting is only allowed during special seasons and with a permit of the Department of the Environment.

Mond Protected Zone, Dashti 

This vicinity is near the Mond River and about 600 - 700 herds of gazelle or dear exist here.

Nayband Protected Zone, Bushehr 

This area boasts of a variety of wildlife and from this point of view holds its own. Wildlife such as wild sheep, wild goat, gazelle, antelope and leopard can be seen here.

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