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Jamia Farooqia University

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Jamia Farooqia is a world renowned University of Islamic Learnings and related disciplines. Jamia impart all levels of Islamic education including Hifz-ul-Quraan, Islamic studies, specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence, etc. Hundreds of youths from abroad and different parts of Pakistan are studying in various departments of Jamia Farooqia.

Facility of issuing Religious Verdicts is also available. Medical Center is also working in the Jamia. Students of Jamia also learning computers in Jamia, besides other activities.

The tuition, books, accommodation, food, medical facilities, etc., are provided free of cost to these students. Jamia does not accept any funds or donations from Government in this regard.

The authorities of Jamia are busy day and night in creating Imaan, Islamic life and pious characters in Muslim society only with the help of Muslim brothers cooperation through donations, charities, Zakaah, Sadqaat, etc.

Jamia has initiated its new project, where 100-rooms building of Darul Quraan is being built as first phase.

You can play your part in all these endeavors through financial cooperation and special prayers.

The peculiar style of learning in Islam makes it distinct from other religions. The transfer of knowledge to the students, seeking divine knowledge, always takes place through learned teachers who had already received it as students through other learned teachers. Those learned teachers also had obtained their part of divine knowledge from other learned teachers and scholars and this chain goes up to the pious Companions of the Prophet (pbuh). These Companions were the direct students of Hadhrat Mohammad (pbuh).

No doubt, new methods of transfer of knowledge have been originated and developed with the introduction of print and electronic technology. And Islamic learning, too, is influenced with this development, accordingly. Not only the developed countries but also many developing Muslim countries have adopted these new methods. On the contrary, the countries of Indo-Pak sub-continent have maintained the original style of Islamic learning i.e. the transfer of spirit with the letters of divine teachings and remain connected to the chain of teachers with the blessed Prophet Hadhrat Mohammad (pbuh) at the end.

Jamia Farooqia is a renowned International University for Islamic Studies. At present, around 2,300 students from within and outside Pakistan, are enrolled in various faculties of Islamic learning.

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Jamia awards following Certificates and Degrees

Certificate of Hifz-e-Quran.

Certificate of Thaanawiyyah "Aammah (Equivalent to Matric)

Certificate of Thaanawiyyah Khaassah (Equivalent to Intermediate)

Degree of "Aaliyah (Equivalent to B.A)

Degree of "Aalimiyyah (Equivalent to M.A.)

Degree in Specializations (Equivalent to PhD.)

At the end of each academic level, the students of Jamia appear in the examination conducted by Wifaqul Madaaris al Arabiyah (Board of Religious Educational Institutions) formally recognized by the Government of Pakistan through University Grants Commission, Ministry of Education.

A matter of prime significance, here at Jamia, is the special focus of teachers and the Rector on "Aakhirah-oreinted tarbiyah" of the students keeping in view the complex trends of modern day society.

The students are also encouraged to participate in extra and co-curricular activities arranged by Jamia, like Computer Literacy Program, Language Development (Arabic, English and Urdu).”

*Jamia Farooqia provides its students, the tuition, books, food, accommodation, medical, and other facilities without charging a single unit of currency from them. All the expenses are met through the donations and charities from Muslim Ummah.




P.O BOX. 11020



TELEPHONE: 92-021-4599207, 4573865, 4573436, 4571132

FAX: 92-021-451525

Official Website: http://www.farooqia.com

e-mail: info@farooqia.com

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