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Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Bushehr

Imamzadeh Mir Eram, Dashti

This is an ancient tomb made of hand and sculptured stone and is located south of Khormoj city. It is believed that an offspring of prophet, Noah is buried here.


Imamzadeh Soleiman Pilgrimage, Genaveh Rd., Daylam

This structure is on the Genaveh - Daylam road. The dome has twelve panels. This mosque has been constructed about 70 years ago and has been influenced by Indian architecture used in temples. It is believed that an offspring of the 4th Imam of the Shiite sect is buried here.

Other Imamzadehs, Bushehr

The other Imamzadehs of the province are named as Imamzadeh Aqa Kuchika, Qadamgah-e-Hazrat Ali and Qadamgah-e-Hazrate Abol Fazl.

Imamzadeh Abdol Mohaiman (Bushehr)

Imamzadeh Abdol Mohaiman

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