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Old and Historical Houses, Bushehr

Malek Edifice (Bushehr)

Rais Ali Delvari House (Bushehr)

Rais Ali Delvari House(Bushehr)

Generally speaking the architecture of houses suits and coincides with the environment and climate of this region, these structures are named as Qaazy House (Bushehr), Rais Ali Delvari House (Bushehr), Malek Edifice (Bushehr), Darya Beigi Edifice, Dehdashti Edifice, the Cultural Heritage Building, the Shahrdari (Municipality) Building, the Kazerooni Building (Bushehr) and a few others. All of these buildings are designed according to local condition for combating warmth and humidity with using fine decorative arts worth seeing.

The Plasterwork of Dehdashti House (Bushehr)

A Window in Dehdashti House (Bushehr)

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