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  • 4/5/2007

Leader names Iranian New Year the “year of national unity”

In a televised New Year message to the nation on Wednesday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei named the Iranian New Year the “year of national unity and Islamic cohesion.”

Iran’s New Year 1386 started today (March 21).

Describing Noruz (the Iranian New Year) as the “national festivity of Iranians”, the Leader sent New Year greetings to every Iranian individual and all other nations who celebrate Noruz with Iran.

“A reinforcement of spiritual ties, creating a new life environment, happiness,… are among the beautiful, noble, and kind characteristics of Noruz which are in full conformity with the holy teachings of Islam,” the Supreme Leader explained.

Ayatollah Khamenei praised national successes in different fields in the last year including those achievements made in scientific and economic fields which won the international attention.

The Leader maintained that efforts will continue in the New Year in accordance with the national needs.

He said with the arrival of the New Year the nation will also “renew its will” for continuing its path by tapping new fields and taking a clever approach toward challenges and enmities facing the country.

 “Fomenting divisions and weakening the national unity of Iranians, and creating economic problems to halt the country’s progress” are two major plots by enemies to counter the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

However, the Leader insisted that all efforts by the enemies to stop the country’s development will be defused with the implementation of the Article 44 of the Constitution and making use of the country’s abundant capacities.

Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree in early July last year to privatize state industries by amending Article 44 of the Constitution, which had banned private ownership of state institutions.

In a reference to the enemies’ psychological warfare against Iran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the enemies are viciously attempting to sow discord among the Iranian people on one side and the Islamic ummah on the other.

“Under pretexts such as tribalism, religion,… they are attempting to damage the unity of Iranian nation; and in the Islamic world they also fan religious differences.”

The Leader also went on to say that the enemies are trying to launch a war between Shias and Sunnis in order to create a division between Iran and the rest of the Islamic world.

In conclusion Ayatollah Khamenei insisted that “unity” is the only key to disappoint enemies and neutralize their plots against the Iranian nation and the Islamic ummah.

“With the God’s assistance in the year 1386 all the ranks of (Iranian) nation, different tribes, different religions,… will speed up their move toward a splendid future with full hope, and all Muslim nations will also demonstrate their unity (to the world) through Islamic unity and a reinforcement of Islamic brotherhood.”

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