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Does Cold Weather Cause Colds?


Colds and flu are more likely to occur during the fall and winter. The increase begins in late October and continues through April. Is it because of the cold air? No; Cold weather does not cause you to get sick. Here are a few things that actually have no effect on colds and flu:

- Cold weather

- Sudden weather changes

- Getting chilled

- Becoming overheated

- Exercising in cold

- Having enlarged tonsils or adenoids

- Going outside with a wet head

- Cold feet

Studies funded by the National Institutes of Health found that these conditions have little or no effect on the development or severity of a cold.


So what does cause colds and flu?

Viruses and people cause colds and flu. People being in close proximity to other people, indoors with windows shut tightly bring on cold and flu epidemics.

School children are exposed to common winter illnesses because of the many children sharing class, rooms, lunchrooms and restrooms.

 Because the school term coincides with colder weather, many people mistakenly concluded that cold weather is the culprit.Specific conditions that contribute to colds and flu include:

- Spending time indoors where the cold virus is easily spread

- Low humidity (dry air)

- Psychological stress

- Allergic disorders affecting your nose or throat

- Menstrual cycles

Cold and flu-causing viruses survive for hours floating through the air and on doorknobs, hand and other surfaces.

 Unless destroyed by washing, they wait around until they can gain entry through nose, eyes, mouth

and cuts or scrapes on your skin.

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