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Imam Reza’s (A.S) Historic letter to Shias as narrated by Abdolazim Hassani

hazrat abdul azim hassani (a.s)

In Bihar al-Anwar, volume 72, a narrative is quoted from Hazrat Abdol Azim (A.S) which is Imam Reza’s message to Shias. In part of the narrative, it reads:

“O Abdolazim! Convey my greetings to my followers, and advise them not to allow Satan to deceive them, and order them to keep being silent and to quit what does not bear them any fruits, and to abandon belligerence, and turn to each other ]for help[ since it makes them closer to me”.

“Also, tell them not to involve in quarrels with each other; I have made a vow with myself that I ask Allah to allow the severest sufferings in the world for him who enrages any of my true followers and to place him among the losers in the Hereafter”.

“Make them aware that Allah Almighty forgives the benefactor, and will disregard the evildoer except the one who ascribes partners to Allah, or the one who embitters one of my followers, or has hatred of my followers in his heart. If so, Allah Almighty will not forgive him until he deserts his head from such thoughts, if he does so it would be good; otherwise, the spirit of faith will depart from his heart, and he will be evicted from my Wilayat and he will not take any advantages from our Wilayat and I take refuge in Allah from such an evil fate”.

Source: shafaqna.com

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