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500 Islamic sites found in Tabas

Conducting archeological excavations in Tabas, Yazd province, after 28 years since the area was leveled to the ground due to a severe earthquake, resulted in identifying six historical textures consisting of 500 Islamic structures ranging in date fromSafavid (1501-1736 AD) toQajar (1787-1921 AD) dynastic eras.

According to Nasser Babayi, archeologist and head of excavation team in Tabas, the majority of the discovered sites date back to Safavid, Afsharid (1736-1802 AD), Zand (1750- 1779 AD), Qajar and Pahlavid (1925-1979 AD) dynastic periods.

Based on some historic texts and evidence, there must be some pre-Islamic and Sassanid structures in the area; however, archeologists have not yet been able to find any proofs.

A devastating earthquake hit the area in 1978 and reduced the city of Tabas to ruins, destroying enormous historic evidence in the area. That is why archeologists are now facing difficulties in clarifying the exact date of the discovered historical textures.

On the other hand, considering that parts of destructions in some nearby areas such as Jirk village have been caused by development activities in the area including construction of a road and taking into account that the area enjoys some unique natural and historic characteristics, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department of Tabas has asked regional authorities to stop any construction activity in the historical context of Tabas.

The Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department of Yazd province is preparing the file of the discovered areas to be submitted to Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization for being registered in the list of Iran's National Heritage Sites.

Located in the heart of one of Iran's major deserts, Tabas was formerly considered part of Khorasan province. The city was struck by a destructive earthquake, measured 7.5 to 7.9 in Richter scale on September 16, 1978 that left around 25000 dead and many wounded.

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