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  • 2/12/2007

Iranians Defend N. Achievements to Last Drop of Blood

In final statements recited at the end of their densely populated rallies in different cities, the Iranian people condemned the political and psychological war against Iran"s peaceful nuclear activities, and stressed that they will not withdraw from their inalienable right to access and use civilian nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

"The world of arrogance is using all its possibilities to deprive the Iranian nation of its legal, international and indispensable right of gaining access to civilian nuclear technology, but the Iranian people here today unanimously cries out that it will not step back nor will it give up even an iota of its inalienable rights," the seven-article statement said.

Demonstrators have also proclaimed that the United States" intensified threats against Iran are the result of previous failures and defeats that the White House has had to sustain in confronting the Islamic Republic.

The statement has also advised the United States to accept defeat in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan before suffocating to death in the said quagmires and admit to the Iranian nation"s rights.

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