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  • 2/12/2007

Ahmadinejad to Give Good News to Iranians

Addressing millions of people in Tehran"s Azadi Square here today, the president said that many giant achievements that the country has made in different fields of science and technology will be announced by April 10.

Describing Iran as among the most advanced countries in the field of industry, he pointed to some of scientific achievements Iran has made in different spheres, including treatment of spinal cord injuries and discovery of a new drug for curing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Ahmadinejad said a part of these achievements will be introduced in the Ten-Day Dawn period ( February 1 - 11, marking the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution over the former Pahlavi dynasty in Iran in 1979) and the rest in the near future.

He mentioned, "More than 14,000 development projects have come into operation during this year"s 10-Day Dawn ceremonies, while there are still more scientific and technical achievements which would be announced from time to time up to April 10."

Ahmadinejad further reminded that Iran"s achievements in the post-revolutionary era have been unique, taking into account the pressures imposed on the country and plots hatched against the Islamic Republic.

Elsewhere, he pointed to the threats posed by the enemies against his country, and assured that the Iranian people will not yield to increasing pressures by the US and its allies.

Noting the nuclear issue, Ahmadinejad said that the US and its allies insist that Iran should suspend enrichment before talks can begin, adding, "They are even satisfied with a short-term suspension of enrichment as a technical pretext to prevent the Iranian nation from completing the nuclear fuel production cycle. But the point is that they do not want to accept the fact that the Iranian nation has the legal right to complete the nuclear fuel cycle."

"Should Iran accept suspension of its uranium enrichment activities, the enemies will intend to prevent the Islamic Republic from resuming nuclear activities and accessing nuclear know-how," he pointed out, adding, "But, no one has the right to withdraw even an iota from the Iranian nation"s demand for nuclear energy."

Referring to the pressures imposed on his country, Ahmadinejad stressed the point that imposition of sanctions on Iran will not produce any fruits for the other party because despite all the sanctions imposed on the Iranian nation all throughout these years, our country has developed remarkably and it has even succeeded in harnessing nuclear technology only through relying on its young scientists.

The Iranian president also continued, "Now they have resorted to different tactics to sow seeds of discord and cause disappointment and worry among the Iranian nation, but the extensive participation of the Iranian nation in today"s rallies defused enemies" conspiracies."

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