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  • 2/3/2007

Iran reacts to Chirac gaffe

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman recognized the recent statements by the French President indicating that even if Iran acquired a nuclear weapon it would not be particularly threatening, as an insult.

In his remarks to journalists on Monday, Jacques Chirac had stated that Iran's possession of a nuclear bomb would not be "very dangerous".

In an Interview with the Associated Press television, Mohammad Ali Husseini renounced the idea of Iran access to nuclear warheads and branded it as an initiative in contrast with Iran's religious beliefs.

"This is not the first time that Chirac is making such remarks. He had previously said that France would probably deploy nuclear missiles for its security and these statements were not welcomed by Europe and reactions followed," he said.

He added that Chirac's recent remarks were nothing new and that they would not be of any help to the sensitive circumstances in the region.

"This does not mean that Iran has a right to possess nuclear missiles or to enhance its nuclear programs in this line. Even if Chirac meant to say this, it is still an insult against Iran, because based on our religious beliefs we cannot own nuclear warheads," he reiterated.

In the final parts of his interview, Husseini expressed hope that in future such remarks and statements would be expressed on a more rational and logical foundation, considering the regional circumstances.

Source: isna.ir

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