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Intercession and God’s Knowledge


The Knowledge of God is eternal and He knows from the beginning what will happen to a certain creature and based on the changing state of that creature He will make a certain Divine decision. In this sense, different wills have been granted based on the number of temperaments and changes in the subjects. Thus no flaw or change has been made in the First Order of God, rather, each knowledge is appropriate in proportion to its subject and any will is wise and based on expediency in proportion to its subject.
The world has been created based on a set of causes and effects for the guidance and spiritual perfection of the human beings, where the demands of man are met by ordinary factors and causes. The spiritual graces of God such as guidance, forgiveness and pardoning descend upon man based on certain order and it is within the Wise Will of God that man ought to receive these graces through certain causes and for certain reasons. Therefore, as such no one in the material world can ask why the Almighty God has illuminated Earth by Sun and why He has not illuminated it directly, this question cannot be asked either: Why does the Almighty God grant His forgiveness to His servants through His saints?

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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