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  • 1/9/2007

The Plan for conservation, Keeping and Display of the Mummies from the Zanjan Salt Mines

After completion of building at the beginning of this year a temporary container with controlled temperature and humidity for the remains of the mummies discovered in the Zanjan Salt Mines, research on the building a permanent container was started. In this area, collecting information and experience was begun from researchers and experts around the world who have worked on similar mummies and at the same time consultation with the authorities in the Province about the location of the intended display was undertaken. Detail plans for such a display has been begun considering the weather and environmental conditions of the proposed sites and possible gases that could be used in the container. After evaluation of the pros and cons of each of these proposals, the best will be chosen and constructed for final display of the remains.

The Temporary Site for Preserving the Zanjan Mummies

It should be noted that dating these remains is nearing completion at the Oxford University. After visit by Dr. Jalal Shokuhi, Radiology Specialist, radiography and CTScan of the Fourth Mummy will shortly begin. Analyzing the isotopes available from the First and Fourth Mummies for determining their diets is part of the planned project that is being executed at the Oxford University.


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