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CBA Kuwait University (College of Business Administration)

The exchange of knowledge in modern universities has transcended the classroom and became increasing available through other mediums. The Internet as a conduit, perhaps as one of the greatest accomplishments of the past century, really offered many opportunities to how humans can interact and learn. At the college of Business Administration we strive to take advantage of such great tool, so we offer our website to all of you.

A Message from the Dean

We at the College of Business Administration (CBA), Kuwait University, aim to produce leaders; men and women of knowledge, character, and vision, who can see the big picture and understand the significance of the details. Our graduates are nurtured by CBA’s diverse, experienced and dedicated faculty, thriving to accomplish academic excellence in teaching, research and community service. The Kuwaiti business community continues to grow and strengthen, and through CBA’s Center of Excellence in Management, it continues to expand its role as a vital business community resource Center. The investment of time, talent, experience, and energy yield impressive dividends, and our faculty, students, alumni, and business partners are the direct beneficiaries. CBA will continue to look beyond the boundaries of the classroom to explore the frontiers of a business education that blend real-life experiences with textbook theory. CBA is justifiably proud of its past but even more excited about its future because for CBA, the opportunities are limitless.

Dr. Adel Al-Hussainan

CBA Vision

·        To be leading provider of quality business education in the region.

CBA Mission

·        As part of Kuwait University (KU), the leading national institution of higher education the College of Business Administration (CBA) is committed to providing quality business education, engaging in research and community services to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

Objectives Of CBA

  The mission of the CBA is to support and integrate with Kuwait University’s mission by developing high quality professional skills in different areas of business administration, with the intellectual flexibility necessary to be successful in a dynamic business environment.

Achievement of this mission is guided by the following objectives:

To achieve high ethical standards.

To maintain a global outlook in delivering the CBA programs.

To develop an integrated understanding of the functional knowledge of private businesses as well as other public and non-profit organizations.

To promote a commitment to life-long learning.

To create an awareness of the need for a responsible contribution to the well being of the society.

To achieve excellence in teaching, and life-long learning programs that enable students to obtain a common body of knowledge, judgment, and learning as well as key relevant skills critical to effective functioning in the current and future complex global business environment.

To stimulate high quality business research for the advancement of knowledge and addressing problems faced by the private, public and other sectors of the economy in the country and in the region.

To achieve excellence in providing services to the community including professional training, qualified consulting activities, continuing education, professional development, and participation in decision making in private businesses as well as other organizations.

To promote intellectual and professional development of faculty and staff.

To embrace and keep abreast with new technologies and advanced techniques.

Emphasize applied research and training of management personnel.

Objectives Of The Degree Programs

  The MBA program at the CBA is designed to develop candidates for positions of leadership in modern organizations. The program emphasizes the integration and synthesis of various disciplines to develop a student’s ability to function in a dynamic environment and make sound administrative decisions that maximize the value and contribution of an organization.

 The undergraduate degree programs are designed to impart broad based post-secondary high quality education in both business and non-business disciplines for personal and professional development of students so as to prepare them for professions in various functional fields.

 All the degree programs at the CBA provide students with skills and competences in a) effective communication both oral and written; b) critical thinking; c) interpersonal interaction and d) problem solving through the use of diverse concepts, tools and techniques taught in various functional fields.

 All the degree programs at the CBA integrate contemporary ethical, environmental, information technology and global perspectives of business operations into the curriculum and pedagogical methods and tools so as to prepare students for managerial professions.

CBA Location

CBA is located at the Shuwaikh campus, close to the Kuwait Free Trade Zone, and at the tip of one of the main sea ports, the Shuwaikh Port, overlooking the Gulf Sea waters. It is 15 minutes away from the Kuwait International Airport, and 10 minutes away from the Kuwait City commercial area.

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