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A Short Biography of Martyr Hussein Kharrazi:
Last Meeting (Part 7)

martyr hussein kharrazi

During the Iran-Iraq war, in the course of the operation Karabala-5, when the delivery of food to the troops got disrupted as the enemy’s artillery was firing at its peak capacity, Haj Hussein took it upon himself to resolve the issue, but, as a result of a mortar explosion on February 27, 1987 he fell martyr, joining the army of Imam Hussein (PBUH) in the heaven, his Ashurayi soul becoming a pilgrim of Karbala. He was, upon his own will, buried in the Martyrs’ Section of the graveyard among his basiji fellowship. Following is the account of one of his last meetings with a commander.

The Last Meeting
During the war, my son and I were fellow soldiers and fought alongside each other. Martyr Hussein Kharrazi was the commander of the division and I was mostly busy with logistics and rescue operations. On February 20, 1987, he came to the Shahid Baqayi Hospital in Ahvaz and as he was driving by the only arm he had, he began to speak while we were moving in the streets of the city: “I want to thank you, brother. Everybody’s happy with your work, especially the hospital manager. Great job, I’m proud of you.” I, as only a soldier at the service of Islam, said: “Whatever I’ve done has only been discharging my duty as a citizen of the Islamic Republic; what I do is nothing comparable to the services you render and sacrifices you make for your country.” It was our last ever meeting. Years have passed, but I can still smell the pleasant scent of his encouraging words on that day.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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