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Babaei as Commander of the Air Base
The Biography of Major General Pilot Abbas Babaei - Part 4


martyr abbas babaei

When the modern aircrafts F-14 were purchased by the Air Force, Babaei, who was among the intelligent and skillful pilots who used to fly with F-5 fighter jets, and some other pilots were chosen to fly with the F-14 fighter jets. So he was transferred to the Isfahan Air Base. When the revolts against the Shah’s regime reached its climax, Babaei as one of the revolutionary personnel of the Air Force joined the opponents of the regime along with the other committed individuals of the Army. After the victory of Islamic Revolution, besides his daily duties, he also acted as the supervisor of the Islamic Committee of the Air Base and protected and guarded the magnificent achievements of the Islamic Revolution.
Since Babaei had commitment, faith, skills and Islamic management skills, he stood out as a professional commander and was selected as the commander of the 8th Air Base on July 28, 1981.
When he was the commander of the Air Base, by using the available facilities, he started constructing and developing the poor villages located in the neighborhood of the base and Isfahan city. He also provided the villages with drinking water, electricity supply and other health and education requirements.  Therefore, in addition to supporting the development and construction of the villages in line with the ideals of Islamic Revolution, he made a lot of efforts to create a very strong connection between the Army and people. So by this work he did many great and noticeable services to the Army.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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