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Miraculous Healing account of a mute person by Imam Raza (PBUH)

Date of Healing: 1331 AH (1910 AD)

Hajj Sayyid Ja'far bin Reza Muhammad Anbarani, who used to live in a suburb of Mashad called Anbaran, about 24 km fromMashhad, narrated:

"It was winter and not realizing the weather situation I took a bath in cold water outdoors due to which I got seriously ill. Unfortunately, some mental disorders, too, accompanied the physical ailment. For sometime I used to roam in a state of stupor in the deserts. However, by grace of the Almighty Allah after the elapse of a few months the mental disorder went away but unfortunately I lost my ability to hear and talk, becoming fully dumb! After six months, along with my mother, I went to the holy city of Mashhad.

In MashhadI visited an English hospital, and after the checkups and undergoing necessary operations I was informed by the doctor that they can let me know whether the disease is curable or not only after the completion of the operations!

After hearing the doctor's comments I was totally disappointed and lost hope of recovering my speech.

I returned to my house and noticed that my mother had left for a pilgrimage of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (pbuh). I immediately performed my majorablution (Ghusl-e-Ziarat) for performing pilgrimage and proceeded toward the shrine to plea to the beloved Holy Imam for my prompt recovery or else to grant me a sudden death!

When I entered the premises of the shrine fromSahn-e-Kohne (The Enqelab Courtyard now) and reached the Shoe keepers' chamber beside the Ivan-e-Tala (the Golden Arch) I noticed that the servants of the Holy Imam at the Shoe Keepers' counter were fully aware of my illness!

The Golden Arch

When I took out my shoes and wanted to take a step to enter the holy shrine I felt that my legs had got extraordinarily heavy, so that I could not put my foot any further and could not sit or bend either! I felt as if I had been tied tightly with several ropes. Suddenly, I heard a voice addressing me by name and ordering me:

"Say loudly; In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful, where is my mother?"

I wanted to obey the order but I still couldn't speak. Again I heard the same voice repeating the same sentence more loudly and clearly than the first time but I still couldn't speak. However, as I heard the voice the third time I felt as if someone was pouring cold water over my whole body. That was when I shouted loudly "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, where is my mother'! Right then I noticed that my mother was standing in front of the Ivan-e-Tala and crying having noticed that I had been healed. I approached my mother and asked her where she had been. She said, "I was behind the "Panjareh-ye-Foulad" (the Steel Grill), asking the Holy Imam for your recovery when I suddenly heard your voice shouting, 'In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, where is my mother!'

That was when I rushed toward the voice and I'm now sure that you have been healed by the great Imam."

Sayyid Ja'fer says, "After I was healed the people surrounded me and then tore my clothes, each taking a small piece of them (it is customary that when a miracle is performed on a pilgrim, those who notice it try to get at least a small piece that is in a way related to him as a blessed object).

After that they took me to the Superintendent of 'Astan Quds Razavi' (The holy precincts of Imam Reza’s (pbuh) shrine). The Superintendent gave me five Tomans and congratulated me. Later on I was taken to Prince Nayyer al Dowleh who also gave me five Tomans and asked me questions about the nature of the miracle.

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