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  • 2/10/2014

Sabr and Shukr

zain bhikha


There was so much on my mind in my bed I lay

I turned to my side and I heard a voice say

Stop all your whining, heart rates declining

You’ve got so much more than most

Look how you’re sleeping, how much you’ve eaten

Don’t you know that you’re supposed to say


Sabr and Shukr are wonderful things

The praises to Allah we should always sing

when things go right it’s from Him not me

And when they are wrong, we get through patiently

I got out of bed, began to walk

Bumped into some folks and we started to talk

Did you hear about the killing, the bloodshed, the stealing

The grass got burned on the other side

Soldiers a coming, people a running

All that’s left is the orphan child

I opened my eyes and began to see

Everything that’s happening around me

What seemed half empty now seems so full

There’s no use crying over what’s been spilled

While babies are dying, mothers are crying

Their containers have never ever been filled

Inn Allah ha, Ma as-Saabireen

I opened my eyes, began to see

Everything that’s happening around me

Singer: By: Zain Bhikha

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