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  • 4/6/2005

Biographical information

Last/Family name MOHAMMADMORAD 

First/Given name Bita 

Date of birth   11 . 01 . 1989

Place of birth   Kerman

Passport Number R 1455951

Supporter Rafsanjan Pistachio Producer Company

Name of Invention(s):

An automatic apparatus for bathing invalid and old people

Description of invention(s)

This set helps people who are not able to take a both. By sleeping on this set, and use cleaning pgants, wash all the body from head to lower limbs.

More information about invention(s)

Patent registered in Department for Industrial Ownership & Companies Registration in IRAN


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Kate Kate
There is a critical shortage of intrmoafive articles like this.
Response from Tebyan :
Saturday, October 26, 2013
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