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Abu Dhabi University (ADU)


Abu Dhabi University (ADU) is a newly-established university located in the United Arab Emirates with two campuses in Abu Dhabi (UAE Capital City) and another in Al Ain (Home City of UAE president). ADU is mandated to be recognized as one of the best higher education institutions locally, regionally, and internationally.

ADU is committed to delivering superior quality programs. Upholding the enduring value of quality education, ADU has chosen to dedicate the necessary resources for securing local and international accreditation.

The university offers diverse programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, all committed to close integration of leading-edge research and teaching.

ADU’s Academic Programs span under the following Colleges:

Business Administration

Computer Sciences and Information Technology

Arts and Sciences

Our approach is one of risks successfully taken, innovations embraced and challenges overcome in the commitment to discovery, diversity and dialogue. ADU is a strong advocate of flexibility, accessibility, and concern for the individual. The university values inter-disciplinary approaches to learning, and is dedicated to offering the best possible research and training for the real world.

Much more than a distant provider of education, ADU intends to work closely with students to develop personalized learning plans and give them access to the courses they want, how and when they need them. ADU’s graduates will be equipped with the state-of-the-art education that allows them to succeed in both the public and private sectors, eventually serving the community and contributing to the growth & development of society.

Careers at ADU

College of Computer Science & Information Tech
Deputy Dean - College of Computer Science & Information Technology
Chair of Computer & Electrical Engineering
Chair of Computer Information System
PhD Holder in Computer Science
PhD Holder in Computer Information System
PhD Holder in Computer Information Technology
Instructor - College of Computer Science and Information Technology

College of Business Administration
Dean & Chair of Graduate Studies - College of Business Administration
Deputy Dean - College of Business Administration
Program Director - MBA Program
Department Chair - Finance
Department Chair - Management
Department Chair - Accounting
PhD Holder - QBA
PhD Holder in Strategic Management
PhD Holder in Cost Accounting
PhD Holder in Finance
PhD Holder in Marketing
PhD Holder in Management Information System
PhD Holder in Economics / Feasibility Studies
PhD Holder in Accounting
PhD Holder in Management

College of Arts & Science
Dean & Chair of Graduate Studies - College of Arts & Science
Chair of Media & Mass Communication
Chair of Early Childhood Education
Chair of Teacher Education
PhD Holder in Social Sciences - UAE & GCC Society
PhD Holder in Teacher Education - Arabic & Islamic Studies
PhD Holder in Early Childhood Education
PhD Holder in Teacher Education - Math & Science
PhD Holder in Physics
PhD Holder in Curriculum and Social Education
PhD Holder in English / Arabic Translation
PhD Holder in English (TEFL)
PhD Holder in Media & Mass Communication
PhD Holder in Social Sciences
PhD Holder in Social Sciences - Psychology
PhD Holder in Secondary Teaching Methods - Science, Math and Social Sciences
PhD Holder in Arabic Language
PhD Holder in Mathematics
PhD Holder in Statistics
PhD Holder in Islamic Studies
PhD Holder in Natural Sciences
Instructor - Mathematics

Language Institute
Director - Language Institute
Deputy Director - Testing / Curriculum / Technology
TESOL / TEFL Instructors

PhD Holder - Finance (Part Time)
PhD Holder in Arabic Language (Part Time)
PhD Holder in Social Sciences - Psychology (Part Time)
PhD Holder in English - Arabic Translation (Part Time)
PhD Holder - Marketing (Part Time)
PhD Holder in Social Sciences - UAE & GCC Society (Part Time)
PhD Holder - QBA (Part Time)
PhD Holder - Management (Part Time)
PhD Holder - Accounting (Part Time)
PhD Holder in Mathematics (Part Time)
PhD Holder in Teacher Education - Math & Science (Part Time)
PhD Holder in Teacher Education - Arabic & Islamic Studies (Part Time)
PhD Holder in Statistics (Part Time)
PhD Holder in TEFL (Part Time)
Instructors in IT / CIS / Computer Science (Part-time / Visiting)
Instructors in Mathematics / Quantitative Analysis (Part –time / Visiting)
Instructors / Teachers in Arabic Language (Part-time)
Instructors TEFL / CALL (Part-time)


Executive Leadership Position
Vice President for Administrtive and Financial Affairs
Director of Policy & Document Control
Campus Director
Manager - Continuing Education and Training
Legal Advisor

Financial / Accounting
Director of Control and Internal Auditing
Financial Manager
Financial & Budget Controller
Assistant Finance Manager
Assistant Accountant (General)
Accountant (General)
Accounts Assistant
Senior Cashier

Computer Science & IT
IIS Specialist
System and Platform Specialist
Telecom and Network Services Specialist
System and Security Administrator
Computer Lab Assistant - Male/Female
Oracle Database Administrator
IT Support Technician

Human Resources
HR Officer-Recruitment
HR Officer - Compensation & Benefits
HR Officer - Administration & Operations
HR Assistant - Generalist
Payroll Administrator

General Services
General Services Manager
General Services Officer
General Services Assistant
Purchasing and Contracts Officer
Bookstore Administrator
Bookstore Assistant
Office Assistant

Admission and Registration
Student Counselor
Admission and Registration Officer
Students Affairs Coordinator
Admission and Registration Assistant

Library Manager
Assistant Librarian
Library Assistant

Marketing and Public Relation
Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Creative Writer
Marketing Officer
Public Relation Officer

Senior Nurse

Executive Secretary

Research center

The major institutes and research centers shall be:

The Petroleum Research Center

The Oceanography and Water Resources Research Center

Development & Strategic Studies & Consultancy Center

Training and Continuing Education Center

Latest Comments
daniel fernandez
I am a higher secondary school teacher in maths / 10 years experience /Aiming to teach mathematics in your esteemed university ,ADU
Response from Tebyan : Thanks for your interest please contact the university for more information.
Sunday, November 16, 2008
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