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 Damascus University

Damascus University, the largest in Syria, dates back to the beginning of the last century. Today in its ninth decade, the University is still one of the most important centers of Arab culture in the Middle East.
The nucleus of this University was the Damascus School of Medicine, established in 1903 during the Ottoman era. In 1919, the Institute of law was founded and the two colleges were united in 1923 under the name of "The Syrian University".
After the Syrian independence in 1946, the University witnessed great improvements, with many faculties added. In 1958, during the Syria-Egypt Union, it was renamed asDamascusUniversity.


Today,Damascus University consists of the following faculties:

Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Islamic Sharia'a
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Mechanic Engineering
Higher Institute of Administrative Development

The University is also affiliated with a number of specialist institutes including the following:

Intermediate Institute of Agriculture
Intermediate Institute of Commerce
Intermediate Institute of Dentistry
Intermediate Institute of Engineering
Intermediate Institute of Industry
Medical Intermediate Institute
Secretarial Intermediate Institute
Nursing School
Institute of Computers
University ofDamascus

Damascus, Baramkah

Tel: 011-2215104, 011-2215101

Fax: 011-2236010

Latest Comments
fidaa hajobeid
i am an achitect graduated from damascus university 1992 , i went to canada ,when i applyed for the master degree there ,bu accident they destoyed all my documents and all of them were original . How can you please help me to another coppy of my documents specially the graduatin serteficate? answer me please as soon as possible or give me any email or website to contact with , it would be very appriciated .
thank you
Response from Tebyan : Thanks for your comments; our website only gives the brief outline about different universities. If you are interested to know more about a particular university please write to that university directly.
Thursday, December 25, 2008
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