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Bahauddin Zakariya University

Multan, Pakistan


Multan always remained a centre of educational activities. Bahauddin  Zakariya ( 1172 A.D. - 1262 A.D.) a Muslim religious scholar and saint established a school of higher learning in Theology in Multan; where scholars from all over the world came for studies and research. The University of Multan was established in 1975 by an act of Punjab Legislative Assembly. To pay homage to the Great Saint, the name was changed from Multan University to Bahauddin Zakariya University, in 1979.

The University is located at a distance of 10 km from the city centre. The University Campus is spread over 960 acres of land. The University started functioning in 1975 in rented buildings with 8 departments. Presently University has 20 departments and 3 constituent colleges namely; University Gilani Law College, University College of Agriculture and University College of Engineering and Technology. The University is providing the maximum possible residential facilities to the students and staff.

The Bahauddin Zakariya University is a general University, providing instruction in both Arts and Science subjects. However, keeping in view the fact that agriculture is the mainstay of this region, (the place and its environs can boast of producing the country’s best silver crop (Cotton) and fruit crops (Mangoes, Citrus, and Dates), it was considered expedient to train manpower in the region for solving  agricultural problems. Accordingly, a College of Agriculture was established in 1989. (TheCollege of Agriculture and its complement, anEngineering College, form an integral part of the University Plan). The College of Engineering & Technology was established in 1994. Department of Commerce was started from November, 1996. BBA classes were started in the Department of Business Administration from October, 1996. Bachelor of Computer Science has also been introduced in the Department of Computer Science from November, 1996. B.Sc. Electrical Engineering class was started in November, 1997. Information Technology Centre was established in July 1999.

Academic Departments

The University consists of the following Faculties, Teaching Departments, Institutes, Centre, and Constituent Colleges.

1. Faculty of Arts-Social Sciences

·       Department of Economics

·       Department of Education

·       Department of History

·       Department of Pakistan Studies

·       Department of Political Science & International Affairs

·       Department of Mass Communication

 2. Faculty of Science and Agriculture

·       Institute of Pure and Applied Biology

·       Department of Chemistry

·       Centre for Advanced Studies in Pure and Applied Mathematics

·       Department of Computer Science 

·       Department of Physics

·       Department of Statistics

·       University College of Agriculture

·       Centre for Undergraduate Studies

 3. Faculty of Islamic Studies and Languages

·       Department of Arabic

·       Department of Islamic Studies

·       Department of English

·       Department of Urdu

 4. Faculty of Commerce, Law & Business Administration

·       Institute of Management Sciences (Business Administrations)

·       Department of Commerce

·       University Gilani Law College

  5. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

·        Nishtar Medical College, Multan - Affiliated to the University

 6. Faculty of Pharmacy

·       Department of Pharmacy

 7. Faculty of Engineering

·       University College of Engineering & Technology 


Library plays a major role in the academic life of the University. The fundamental role of the library being educational it should not operated as a mere store-house of books, but as a dynamic instrument of education. The Central Library of the University is being organized on these lines. The library collection support not only every course in the curriculum, but also include selected stock of general material of books, periodicals, publications, news papers etc. Most of the Departments have their own departmental libraries situated in their own buildings. The total number of books in Central Library and Departments Libraries up to June 2000 was 1, 09,000. The administration of the Library is vested in the Library Committee which is responsible for efficient management of the Library.

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.
NWD Code: 061
Exchange: 9210071-74 Fax: 9210098,-9210068

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