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Assiut University

About the University

Teaching in the University began in October 1957. It is located in Assiut City which is 375 kms south of Cairo in Upper Egypt.

Adminstration and Faculties: Administation:

President ofAssiutUniversity: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Raafat Mahmoud.

Vice-President for Community Services and Environmental Affairs: Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Gaber Moursy

Vice-President for Graduate Studies & Research: Prof. Dr. brahiem M. Shafie Taha.

Vice-President for Education & Students' Affairs: Prof. Dr. Hussien Abd-El-Gelil Ahmed

Secretary General :Mss. Nabila Mahmoud Abd El Maged Faculties and Deans:

Faculty of Science: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ebrahiem A. A. Salem.

Faculty of Engineering : Prof. Dr. Mohammed A. Ashor

Faculty of Agriculture: Pro. Dr. Mohamed Atef ahmed Sallam

Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Dr. Magdy El-akaad.

Faculty of Pharmacy : Prof. Dr. Mohammed M. El-Shanawany.

Faculty of Vet-Medicine : Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdelfatah Aamer.

Faculty of Commerce : Prof. Dr. Abd El-Hadi Abd El- Kader Saleh Swify.

Faculty of Education : Prof. Dr. Abd El-tawab Abd Ellah.

Faculty of Specific Education : Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohamed A. Hammam.

Faculty of Law: Prof. Dr. Gaber Aly Mahran.

Faculty of Physical Education : Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abd Elhalim Abd Elkarim.

Faculty of Social Work: Prof. Dr. Badria Shawky Abd El-Wahab.

Faculty of Nursing : Prof. Dr. Sana Soliman A. Kroosh.

Faculty of Arts: Prof. Dr. Zain Al-Abdeen M.H. Abo-khadra.

Sugar Technology Research Institute (STRI):Prof. Dr. Mohammed R. Bayomi.

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences: Prof. Dr. Hosny M. Ibrahiem

Faculty of Education (New Valley): Prof. Dr.Abd Alla El Saied Abd El Gawad

South Egypt Cancer Institute : Prof. Dr. Mohamed Atef Abdel Aziz ·         Libraries and Publications

University Libraries:

Each Faculty and often each department has its own library. The University has 16 faculty libraries. At present the collections of the University libraries are as follows:

Arabic Books 177,274Volumes.

Foreign Books 167,120 Volumes.

Scientific Periodicals (Subsc.) 647 Titles.

Microfilm Reels 10699 Reels.

Microfilm Readers 31 Readers.

Microfiche Readers 3 Readers.

Microcomputers 46. ·         University Publications:

Scientific periodicals published by University Faculties.

Register of University theses.

Scientific Periodicals published by different University Faculties.

Faculty directories and publications.

Annual Statistical Bulletin.

A list of periodicals in the University libraries.

Publications of Information & DocumentationCenter.

University leaflet in Arabic and English.


University Official Bulletin.

Assiut University Faculties Guide.

University Staff Guide.

Monthly Statistical and Information Leaflet.

Assiut University prospectus.


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