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Islam: Basic belief and practice

For decades Islam has evoked discussion and debate. The religion is under a microscope after the 9/11 attacks. Never before has Islam been as questioned as to the extent that is today. A few scholars have come to its rescue to clarify the principles on which Islam is based. One such scholar is Dr. John L. Esposito who has done so through his writings.
This is the third in a series of nine articles by Esposito shedding light on the many areas of Islam, among them being the Holy Quran, politics, women, and terrorism, to eliminate the misunderstandings in Islam.
Like all faiths, Islam is a rich religious tradition whose unity of faith is accompanied by a diversity of practice. However, that diversity rests upon a common core of belief.
Taken From: http://www.gulf-news.com/Articles/Opinion.asp?ArticleID=94092

Advocates for women in Islam

THE voice of Sisters in Islam (SIS), a non-governmental organization (NGO) made up of professional women that promote women's rights within the Islamic framework, have not always been accepted here.
SIS executive director, and one of the founding members, Zainah Anwar, would be the first to admit this.
"It's a thankless task and very often we get mired in controversy, get attacked from all sides – by men who don't want to see change, lest they lose their privileged status in life; by segments of the religious authority, who feel that we don't have a right to talk about Islam as we do not come from the ulama class; by Islamist political activists who feel that we are a hindrance to their pursuit of an Islamic state and hudud law; and by women themselves, who believe that in Islam, women cannot be leaders, women must obey men, women are inferior to men," says Zainah.

Taken From: http://www.emedia.com.my/Current_News/MM/Sunday/National/20030803120750

Islam finds peace in Olean

OLEAN — some area Muslims feel that they have not seen the discrimination that others have experienced in other parts of the country. They believe theOlean area has been very open to them and that they are part of the community.
The Olean Area Coalition for Peace and Justice held a forum with three local Muslims to discuss their experiences as part of a minority group in America. The evening’s topic was “Is America a Threat to Muslims?”
The Muslim panel included Dr. Safi Malik, a surgeon at Olean General Hospital; Dr. Durriya Z. Khairullah and Dr. Zahid Y. Khairullah, who both teach at St. Bonaventure University.
Dr. Durriya Khairullah said that several of her students expressed concerns for her safety following the Sept. 11 attacks.

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