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Best moral virtues


The Prophet Mohammad peace upon him said: "I was delegated as a prophet to perfect moral virtues."

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The Teaching of the Holy Prophets(P.B.U.H)


Imam s Companions Narrating Imam Reza(A.S) Behaviour

Imam s Companions Narrating Imam...

His moral virtues and piety was such that besides his followers and companions his enemies were attracted to him. He treated people as respectfully and kindly as possible and never separated himself from the people.....
The Intellectual and Spiritual Personality of the Greatest Prophet

The Intellectual and Spiritual...

According to authentic historical documents, the Holy Prophet (SA) was brought up in an atmosphere which was the meanest environment for living and was the centre of ignorance, corruption, and moral vices......
Character and virtues of Imam Al-Askari (PBUH)

Character and virtues of Imam...

BUH) Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s 11th truthful descendant, Imam Hasan Al-'Askari (PBUH), martyred at the age of 28 years on Rabi’ul Awwal 8 year 260 AH, was one of that illustrious series of the immaculate infalli...
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