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  • 7/9/2003

The first officially supported Muslim children camp in Mordovia

 The Clerical Department of the Muslims of Mordovia together with the Mordovian republican youth public organization “Islamic youth center” organized the summer camp for children. It is the first time that the camp will be supported by the Government of the republic and the administration of the Lyambirsky region.
As the head of the department of information and public relations of the CDM of Mordovia Marat Salimov reported to Islam.ru, pupils from12 to 16 years old will spend a week in thevillage of Lyambir, where they will study the norms of Sharia, the Arabic language and Suras from the Qu’ran. The program also includes sport and intellectual games, various performances and so on.
The lessons can be attended not only by the pupils from the camp (there are 50 of them) but also the children from Lyambir. It is noteworthy that the Tatars prevail in the village, there is a mosque, one of the largest in Mordivia, in it the CDM of Karelia holds classes of Qu’ran for all those who are willing.

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Jordan: Summer schools for Qur’an Memorization start


Jordan’s Minister of Endowments and the Affairs of Holy Sites, Dr. Ahmed Huleil, has announced the start of Qur’an memorization and recitation instruction exercises for this summer in various parts of the country. The minister said this is done so that students could make profitable use of their summer holidays by occupying themselves usefully in reading, learning and memorizing God’s Holy Book, adding that computers would also be used in this exercise. He said this year the total number of venues for this exercise is 1,475, divided equally between male and female students.

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Britain: Islamic council to hold symposium on Da’awa


The London-based international Council for Introducing Islam intends to hold a symposium that would focus on ways and means of calling non-Muslims to Islam, and would also discuss the problems facing the fostering of Da’awa among non-Muslims. The secretary-general of the Council, Dr. Muhammad Hussein Dhulqarnein, said that the symposium would invite international figures who are immersed in Da’awa work among non-Muslims, and is expected to come up with the appropriate recommendations in this connection. The venue and exact date of the symposium is yet to be decided, and coordination between the Council and other Islamic organizations in the world is well maintained.

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