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Tissue Paper Rose

tissue paper rose

Children will enjoy making this tissue paper rose, which makes a sweet little home-made gift for Mother's Day or a pretty craft for a summer theme.

You will need:

· Red tissue paper

· Green chenille stem / pipe cleaner

· Sticky tape


Cut three strips of tissue paper: one 3 inches wide, one 2 ½ wide and one 2 inches wide.

Concertina fold each strip so you are left with a roughly square shape.

On each strip draw a petal shape with a strip across the bottom touching each fold, as shown in the diagram below.

tissue paper rose-petal shape

Cut out, taking care not to cut through the folds at the bottom. Unfold the strips.

Starting with the thinnest strip, wind the petals around the end of the chenille stem, securing with pieces of sticky tape. When you have finished the first strip, add the next widest and then the widest. Secure with sticky tape. Twist the chenille stem around the tissue to help keep it in place.

Carefully tease out the petals with your fingers to make it look more like a rose.

tissue paper rose

Source: activityvillage.co.uk

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