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Avarice, the enemy of life’s comfort


Imam Ali says: “It is amazing to see a miser who rushes to what he escapes from and loses the wealth which he is seeking. He lives like a poor man in this world, but will be brought to book like a rich man in the Hereafter.”‌

Furthermore, a stingy man achieves nothing in this world except blame, shame, curse, hatred and poverty. He will lose his friends and his relatives stop their relationship with him. Taking all these into account, can we accept that avarice would lead to comfort? Never! Avarice increases stress and deprives human beings of comfort.

In this regard, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says: “A stingy man has the least comfort.”‌

Imam Sadiq (A.S) says:

“There is no comfort for a stingy man.”‌

An interesting point is that a stingy person is not owner of his own properties; in fact, he is warden of heir’s wealth. Man’s provisions are what he consumes. Therefore, he is a treasurer of money which he has saved! He suffers a lot to collect and protect money as well as suffers for living a poor life but others would use his money and wealth! Does it worth?

Imam Ali (A.S) says:

“A stingy man deprives himself of money and only a small portion of his worldly belongings suffices him while he grants the rest to his wealth to his heirs.”‌

Compiled by: Abbas Pasandideh

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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