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  • 9/29/2012


Analyst: Anti-Islam Film, Zionist False-Flag Operation

Analyst: Prophet Muhammad, Muslims’ Red Line

Iran’s Leader: Enemies’ Chagrin behind blasphemous movie

Protests Held in Tehran to Condemn Insulting Cartoons

Many Killed in Pakistan Protests against Anti-Islam Film, Cartoons

Afghans Stage Fresh Protests against Anti-Islam Film, Cartoons

Lebanon Muslims Protest insulting Film, Cartoons

Egyptians Protest French Cartoons Insulting Prophet

Diplomatic Missions Close amid Fear of More Protests

Facilities Close in Indonesia

OIC Expresses Shock and Dismay over Prophet Cartoons

Egypt’s Mufti Urges Muslims to Endure Insults Peacefully

France Bans Protests over Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

Muslim Anti-Film Protest Hits London

Italy FM: Prophet Cartoons Irresponsible Sensationalism

U.S. Judge Rejects Call to Ban Film on Net

Protests in Sri Lanka against anti-Islam film

Protests against Anti-Islam Film in Germany

Religious Groups in Brazil Condemn Attacks on Islam

Protest at France’s London Embassy over Prophet Cartoons

Bangladesh Protest over Anti-Islam Film Turns Violent

Lebanese Protest Anti-Islam Film

Germans Hold Protest against Anti-Islam Movie

Pakistanis Stage New Protests against Anti-Islam Film

Palestinians Protest Anti-Islam Film, Cartoons

Hundreds Hold Protests against Anti-Islam Film, Cartoons in Istanbul

Thousands in Hong Kong Denounce Film, Cartoons Insulting Prophet

Protesters Clash with Greek Police over Anti-Islam Movie

Bangladesh Nationwide Strike over Anti-Islam Film

Tehran Demo Condemns French Cartoons

Muslims Protest Blasphemous Film, Cartoons in Northern Nigeria

Thousands Protest Anti-Muslim Film in Toronto

Thousands of Nigerians Protest Film Insulting Prophet

Iran Boycotts 2013 Oscars to Protest Anti-Islam Film

Protesters Rally outside French Embassy in Baku over Prophet Cartoons

Brazil Court Orders YouTube to Remove Anti-Islam Film

Muslim Leaders Urge Intl. Action to Stop Religious Insults

Protests against Anti-Islam Film Continue in Pakistan

Nigeria President Condemns Blasphemous Movie

India’s Massive Protest against Film Insulting Islam

Thais Condemn Anti-Islam Movie

Arab League Seeks Blasphemy Ban

Brunei along with other members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Egyptian-American Arrested over Anti-Islam Film in California

Russian Court Outlaws Film Insulting Islam

Fresh Protests against Anti-Islam Film in Pakistan

Pakistani Lawyers Protest Anti-Islam Movie

Bangladeshi Protesters Condemn Film Insulting Prophet

Iraqis Hold Protest to Slam Anti-Islam Movie, Cartoons

OIC Resolution Condemns Anti-Islam Film, Cartoons

Over 15,000 Rally in Pakistan against Anti-Islam Video

Thousands in Michigan Slam Blasphemous Movie, Cartoons

Thousands of Indonesians Protest U.S.-Made Film

Iranian Schoolgirls Hold Protest against Anti-Islam Movie

Protests against Anti-Islam Film in Peshawar

Russian Court Bans Anti-Islam Film

Pakistanis Hold Fresh against Blasphemous Film

Iranian Students Slam Blasphemous Cartoons

Pakistani Protesters Urge Boycotting U.S. Goods over Anti-Islam Film

Over 50 Arrested in Bangladesh Anti-US Movie Protest

Pakistanis Stage Fresh Protest against Anti-Islam Movie





Wahabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil

Wahabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn...

Wahabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil
Special Edition on 28 Safar (2013)

Special Edition on 28 Safar (2013)

Special Edition on 28 Safar (2013)
Latest Comments
Seyed Muhammad
Thank you Tebyan for covering the events and reaction of the Muslims world over. Muslims reacted strongly, but the Tebyan is the only site that has fully covered all the reactions - at least so far as I know. Well done. God bless you all
Muhammad- Dubai
Response from Tebyan :
Friday, October 5, 2012
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