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  • 9/24/2012

Protests in Sri Lanka against anti-Islam film

protests in sri lanka against anti-islam film

Hundreds of Muslims in Sri Lanka's capital protested against an anti-Islam film produced in the United States, burning effigies of President Barack Obama.

About 300 protesters marched in Colombo, carrying signs and banners that read, "Ban Anti-Islamic Film All Over the World. U.S. should apologize to Muslims."

The protesters blocked traffic on Colombo's main roads, but police did not allow them to go near the U.S. Embassy.

Protesters burned two effigies of Obama and U.S. and Israeli flags during the demonstration, which was organized by the Islamic group Sri Lanka Thawheed Jamath.

Abdul Razeek, a spokesman for the group, said the protests would continue until the film, "Innocence of Muslims," is completely removed from YouTube.

By Sadroddin Musawi

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