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The Greatest and the Ultimate Revolution

part 3


Security revolution

The other aspect of Mahdi's (A.S) revolution is for security. According to the Ahadith, in the government of Mahdi (A.S), a young girl (who likely is sensitive to harshness and aggression) can have a trip from on corner to another corner of the world lonely, while no danger threatens her. At that time, people will gradually forget the word "fear"!


Civil revolution

The entire world will be civilized by him; the whole societies will experience pleasure and joy. This joy will be humane, not gained by oppressing others or usurping others' rights.


Revolution against ignorance

A huge revolution will take place in understanding the religion, and knowing the religion will improve and ameliorate. According to the Ahadith, when he arises, some Muslims will oppose him and apply verses of the Holy Qur'an against him. Those are people who have neither understood the true religion nor helped it. They have not experienced any hardship for the religion, but made benefit of it. There is a Hadith implying that he will arise against both ignorance and innovations. He will fight against ignorance, teach people the pure religion as it was descended, and eliminate incorrect interpretations of the religion.


Cultural revolution

A great cultural revolution will occur by Imam Mahdi (A.S) too. As mentioned in some Ahadith, the ratio of all the sciences know by human to the sciences which Imam Mahdi (A.S) will discover is 2 to 27. This means that human, though having made such progresses, is not highly knowledgeable.


The characteristics of the companions of Mahdi (A.S.)

At the end of this section, we will name some of the characteristics of Imam Mahdi's (A.S) companions extracted from the Ahadith:In comparison with the 16th and 17th century, people tend to reach unity in today's world due to human and Islamic knowledge and communications. They have the readiness to say the same, recognize the same and react in the same manner. Perhaps these communications have led us to Globalization (established by Imam Mahdi (A.S) not by western countries).

His companions are 313 people from different races at first. They are the main staff of the global rising of Imam Mahdi (A.S). Then, according to the Ahadith, their number will increase to the extent that besides those 313 people who are the main executives, the operative staff will includeHis companions are 313 people from different races at first.

They are 10'000 people, and finally the rising will become worldwide. As the Ahadith state, most of Imam Mahdi's (A.S) companions are from the youth. His revolution is done by the youth, as changing the world could be done by them. In another Hadith, they are described as follows:

Their hearts are firm as iron; they fear nothing and will control the world rapidly and powerfully. They will pass a difficult examine, and the superiors of them are 313 people. Their reward is more than Prophet Muhammad's (A.S) companions; because they have never seen the Prophet (A.S), their situation is more complicated, and resistance is more difficult at that time; nonetheless, they remain in the right path. One important thing that needs to be considered is that organizing the world won't be simple; it requires patience and hard working. His companions will wear military uniform for a long time and eat little till they spread justice in the world. This era will be a beginning of difficulties for them, as it will be a beginning of comfort for others. It is basically a beginning of difficulties for Imam Mahdi's (A.S) companions in order to achieve global justice.

They have to dress simply, be respectful, and live in the lowest level among people. The comfort and welfare gained in Imam Mahdi's (A.S) governorship does not belong only to the rulers, but to all the people. Imam Mahdi (A.S) will live simply during his governorship.

There will be no compliment between Mahdi (A.S) and other nations and he will do full justice to everyone. When he rises, he is not under oath of any corrupt ruler. It means that he is not responsible towards any previous government.


The content of the treaty between Mahdi's (A.S.) and his companions

The last part of this article explains the content of a treaty between Mahdi (A.S) and his followers. This treaty will glorify the magnificence and divinity of Mahdi's (A.S) rising, while it also merges great decisiveness and humanity. It should be noted that these purports are extracted from authentic Ahadith of Shia:Mahdi (A.S) will ask his followers to promise that they would not insult anyone, assault on anyone, or attack anyone's house without getting permission during the great revolution. Usually in revolutions and croups, assaulting and attacks are often done and no pity is accepted; however, Mahdi' (A.S) revolution is different from other manmade systems.Moreover, he will have his followers promise not to gather gold and silver for themselves; he wants the governors of the religious revolution not to proliferate their properties.

He obliges them not to use the orphan's or the defenseless people's wealth. He notifies them not to abuse their power to use the defenseless wealth.He demands them not to wear expensive clothes or the one that is different from the others.

He orders them not to rule people the way kings do, and to fight for the sake of Allah (SWT) with their most power and in a manner that the Almighty Allah (SWT) is pleased. He wants them to live in difficulty so that the rest live in convenience. Consequently, the revolutionists will not corrupt after the revolution, and the revolution outcome will not be lost. This revolution will not be forgetful about the people. It will begin for people and continue for them as well. Mahdi (A.S) also considers himself responsible for behaving as like as his followers promise.He promises to use the same road, move the same way, and have the same clothing as they do.

The morality principles for rulers are not different from those of other people. Overall, Mahdi (A.S) will be the same as his followers, and will promise what they promise. After the revolution, he will live in the worst conditions, and will content to the little. He will also promise that there would be no courts, barriers, or distance between him and the people; this means the lowest conditions for a worldwide leader. Also, this is a part of his promise that no distance will be made between people and rulers. His reappearance is the right of the human, thus man should be waiting for him, and try to pray for his appearance.



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