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Breakfast Essential for Students


Close to 10.5 percent of Iranian students are overweight.

Announcing this, an expert of Food Industries and Nutrition Research Institute noted that 9.5 percent of this group does not eat breakfast either, IRNA reported.

Anahita Hoshiyar-Rad presented an article on the effects of eating habits in the 10th Congress on Nutrition, held in Tehran from October 27 to 31, focusing on primary school students.

“The results of a survey conducted on the eating habits of 1,000 students proved the direct relationship between the students’ eating habits and the spread of obesity among them, “she said.

Eating breakfast as the first meal of the day is very important because it provides the body with enough energy, she said.

“By eating a good breakfast, which has nutritional values, students will become energized and stay in shape. “

She pointed out that eating a healthy breakfast has also been linked to better learning ability and memory functions.


Hoshiyar-Rad called for devising programs to teach parents proper models of eating, noting that missing breakfast will cause malnutrition and halt the children’s physical growth.

“A good breakfast will control the appetite for foods high in sugar and starch, and also help the absorption of vitamins and fiber, “she said.

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