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  • 4/22/2012

The Traditional Fiqh and Jawahir al-Ijtihad


o   I am all in favor of the traditional fiqh and Jawahin ijtihad* and forbid its


o   If we deviate from the traditional fiqh, fiqh will be destroyed!

o   You ought to preserve the iqh with the same figure and force with which

our forerunners have preserved it from the beginning until now.

o   I have repeatedly emphasized that the lesson taught in the theological

centers should retain its traditional mode. Fiqh must be that which is prevalent among us.

o   Fiqh is above all lessons but there are other important issues that must be

practiced, too.

o   The nature of the Revolution and the system consistently demand that

different iqhl [jurisprudential] views and opinions, even if mutually

contradictory, be freely expressed.

o   In the Islamic government the way to adjudication or ijtihad must always

be open.

o   We cannot close up or stop ijtihad; it exists, has always existed and will

continue to exist in the future.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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