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  • 4/21/2012

How soon winter destroyed the spring?

hazrat fatimah (a.s)

How soon winter destroyed the spring?

As soon as her blossoms stand

The earth and skies foundations’ will stay

“We die and go we know not where

Lay on God promises who will keep”‌

She has taught Man the secret path toward the Just

She planted the true oath in the earth that will last

The leaves whisper her thoughts and words

To the near and far lands over the universe

Zahra has such a vision of the world

As the world hardly understands and knows

In the withered field of life, where no farmer hopes for rain

Wisdom sold in the market, where her progeny is the Ahl al-Bayt

“Death seems that ends us, but is our true cure

To be no more sad, with no more pain or loss

When the slow moon climbs the night sky

When lights begin to twinkle from the rocks

Hide the rose in the dust for a newer world

To sail beyond the borders for His high purpose

Move earth and heaven and her heroic hearts

Let her sleep, she is the bright arch rainbow clouds”‌

The ever-silent unknown tomb is her immortal shrine

Her calm existence manifests the wisdom of God

She opens the peaceful clouds for faith and knowing Him

She fuels the flames upon the dark nights of human beings

Every eye is fixed on her door for salvation.

Source: irib.ir

By: Zia os-Sadaat Khakpour

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