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The value of Quran


One day Imam Reza (A.S.) mentioned Quran, so he described the magnanimity and glory of its authority and its miracles saying, "That is the firm cable of Allah, firmest handhold the ideal and model path, it guides leads toward paradise and is the savior from the fire (of Hell). It does not corrode or wear out by the passage and flow of time. More over, its continuous repetition and recitation through the tongue does not devalue and depreciate it, since, it is not made to exist for a certain age or period apart from other ages and periods. Instead, it has been made a proof, logic for all human beings. Falsehood does neither find passage in the front or afore of it nor from it's back side.

It has been descended (revealed) by Allah, the all wise, all praise       worthy.

(Bihar Ul Anwar Vol 92, P 14)



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