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  • 3/19/2012

The Humiliation of the Liars


One of the harmful effects of lying is that it embarrasses and humiliates people. This is one of the greatest harms of lying, because grace and honor are precious matters that strengthen the family bonds and help people to live in better individual and social situations. But sometimes people’s ignorance causes them hurt their own honor and grace by lying and get in the path towards death and destruction.

The liars try to make something untrue look true. They think they could hide the truth this way, but they do not know that one day the veil will go away and their lie will be revealed to everyone. That is why they say liars are forgetful. This does not mean literal forgetfulness, but that no one could keep the truth from others forever. This is because every lie is about something around us and the events in the world are all kind of related to each other. Liars could at most lie about a part of these phenomena, but not everything and others find out about the truth by time. That is why even experienced criminals get arrested and their false claims are revealed.

Therefore, the liars need to know that things won’t be the way they want them to be, all the time. The truth will finally be revealed and they will be humiliated and embarrassed.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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